2013 CHRISTMAS LECTURES on I’m a Scientist

If you’ve found us, then you’re probably here to ask the scientists lots of questions relating to the Life Fantastic series of lectures. You’ll have the option to ASK the scientists questions through the site.. OR, if you’re on Twitter you can ask the scientists questions using the special I’m a Scientist CHRISTMAS LECTURES hashtag: #xmaslectures, and if you’re tweeting during the televised showing, you might get your answer from a scientist that way.

If you’re a teacher then you’ll want to get your students registered; they will be able to take part using their Facebook or Twitter or Google accounts. Alternatively, they can register through the site, ta dah!

Are you looking for the videos of the lectures? We will put the links up to the series of lectures on our site, once they have been recorded! We’ll put the links to the induvisual lectures on their specific pages, which you can find on our CHRISTMAS LECTURES 2013 page.

About the Royal Institution (Ri)

Royal InstitutionThe Royal Institution (Ri) is an independent charity dedicated to connecting people with the world of science. We’re about discovery, innovation, inspiration and imagination. You can explore over 200 years of history-making science in our Faraday Museum as well as engage with the latest research, ideas and debates in our public science events.

Remember to tweet the Ri with your comments, questions and thoughts about the CHRISTMAS LECTURES using the #xmaslectures hashtag!